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Karnal, Haryana, India
Space-efficient Quantes Household Essentials such as Multipurpose Rack, Clothes Drying Stands, Wooden Laptop Tables, Step Ladders, Folding Ironing Board To Make Living Convenient. 

About Quantes India Private Limited

We all want our house to look neat, clean and organized. Needless to cite, keeping it the way we want requires some investment. There are thousands of household essentials that are important for organizing home and performing day-to-day operations with ease like drying and ironing clothes, keeping shoes safely and others. Introducing these essentials under the same roof makes us the most appreciated household essentials supplying company in India. Our operations as manufacturer of Step Ladders, Multipurpose Rack, Wooden Laptop Tables, Clothes Drying Stands, Folding Ironing Board and similar products began two years back in 2020. In only two years, we have grown to become the best company in India that serves affordable, designer and convenient household essentials to suit different customers needs. 

Trendy Household Items

Quantes is a brand of not only trust but also designs. Yes, this brand promotes the idea of making living convenient in a designer way and thus, showcases trends that have the potential of making every space functional and attractive. We have multilayer racks in appealing colors, numerous sizes and lasting finishes for safe drying of clothes, both indoor and outdoor. To make clothes ironing easy, we introduce robust folding tables with pull in and out iron keeping stand. For work from homers, we have specially created laptop tables, which can be placed easily on beds, sofas, etc. In addition, we have racks for multi use, such as keeping books, clothes and other items safely. Every item is designed in a manner that promotes the idea of our company in making every imaginable space look classy. 

Our Strengths

  • Designers: We have talented designers to create Clothes Drying Stands, Step Ladders, Multipurpose Rack, Wooden Laptop Tables, Folding Ironing Board, and other home essentials in a way that supports the idea of saving space.
  • Production excellence: We present different designs, materials and finishes in racks, tables and other items in a number of styles and huge quantity to suit needs of those wanting bulk quantity.
  • Network of distribution: We have established a safe and reliable network of supplying Quantes household essentials in local and regional markets of India.

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